Curated Reading List: July 2021

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Your curated reading list for July is here, with a slight delay. How is summer treating you? Here are our picks to keep you company at the beach! 

Wanna go somewhere? Don’t know where? Try Directions to Nowhere -TODAY! 

Virtual Reality is a big trend in museums, but what are the best examples of museums using VR?. Read article here.

Royal College of Art students launch virtual gallery of works that were ‘lost or damaged’ during lockdown. Read article here.

Frank Gehry’s Dynamic Reflective Tower Opens to the Public for the First Time. Read article on artnet or archdaily.

Visiting a historic house should be about more than just cream teas and crocuses—their full histories, however unsettling, should be told. Read article here.

Telling Stories with Library Data. Read article here.

Latin American Forum on Heritage at Risk in a People Centered Approach. Read article here.

Watch retired BMW robots draw athletes’ movements at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Watch here

Hobby Lobby Forfeits Rare Gilgamesh Tablet Smuggled From Iraq. Read article here. 

Security guards become guest curators at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Read article here.

Remember to use sunblock-

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