Curated Reading List: June 2021

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Your Curated Reading List for June is here to accompany you at the beach! June was full of amazing content, conferences and webinars here are our picks:

FRH Biennial Conference 2021 Event 1: “Continuity in Function or Use” , Barcelona, Spain. Watch on YouTube here

Museum curators battle rise in bug numbers during pandemic with new card game. Read article here.

Digitise your archive with the British Library. Read article here.

Conservation on the road. Read article here.

[Making the The Thomas Crown Affair even more impossible]: 

ID-Art mobile app : Capture the art, capture the criminals. Read more here.

Germany is developing an app to help identify stolen artifacts. Read article here.

[Since we are on the subject what are your thoughts on “This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist“?]

Hundreds take to the streets to protest in support of French regional languages. Read article here

In French:

The Redistribution of the Sensible:  Photography and Contemporary Migration. In Pearls, Politics, and  Pistachios: Essays in Anthropology and Memories on the Occasion of Susan Pollock’s 65th Birthday,  Edited by Innerkollectiv. Read paper here

Pride in Europeana: Victorian Dragqueens.  Read article here.

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