Museums, museum professionals and Covid-19: the third ICOM report is online

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ICOM has produced 3 reports over the course of this pandemic with surveys and guidelines monitoring the sector. 

What’s up with Covid? 

The number of museum employees being laid off gradually increases, with freelance professionals continuing to struggle as well. 

Thankfully the percentage of Museums in threat of permanent closure has decreased from 12% to 4%. 

While during 2020-2021 we saw plenty innovations from museums in alternative programming and generating income, a staggering 59% state they have not experimented with new fundraising strategies.  

 Conservation of heritage efforts seems to continue normally for the vast majority, however there is concern for environmental control and crime preventions systems. 

The report details those aspects and shares the  feedback and implications of the participants’ responses giving a clear insight on the state of the cultural sector. For example: 

While surveys on Covid-19 are not the most exhilarating subject, now that we are well within summer it is important to stay safe and for us cultural tourists, plan our visits!

I want to learn more:

Museums, museum professionals !and Covid-19: third survey (also attached)

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