Curated Reading List: October 2023

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Happy Halloween, Spooktober, autumn harvest and more! That is what we love about this season: history and storytelling!

Of course, through heritage. Tangible and intangible weaves a remarkable season for all to enjoy!

Here are our picks:


Interesting Reads

A brief history of Halloween

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board


Halloween Bash (Save Ancient Studies Alliance)

a beautiful communication example

Halloween in Europark *German*


Musée d’Orsay Embraces NFTs in Push to Reach New Audiences

Museum visits in Sweden increases compared to 2022 figures

What’s behind China’s spate of museum closures and downsizings? 

keeping up with the British Museum

Exclusive: British Museum launches webpage to recover stolen objects—and announces return of 60 items

British Museum unveils five-year plan to fully digitise collection

Interesting Reads

Should We Stop Visiting Historic Sites?

Vulture-Alto Bradano area in Basilicata, Italy

‘Institutional change’ needed to boost creative sector diversity


What Are Museums For?

Histories of Exhibition Design in the Museum 


The Spanish Presidency Europeana conference

Register to NEMO Webinar on Emotion Design and making museums meaningful

Affirming Cultural Identity: World Heritage in the 21st Century


Heritage Impact Assessment Guidance – Webinar 2


Personalisable Augmented Heritage Tours

Job and Volunteering Opportunities Heritage Trust Network

What is your spookiest heritage experience/story?

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