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Nomad Digital Agency offers a fresh and competitive approach to how we connect and collaborate in the Arts- AI-led outreach and automated lead generation. Chris Toomey and Treychel Anderson, co-founders, jointly with a team of experts from art and tech, are committed to creating an equal-opportunity environment in the arts.

Art, and by extension the culture sector, are very demanding fields in terms of financial sustainability. Since COVID-19, the marketing strategies and traditional approaches are not efficient or effective. Even finding the best outside marketing agency leads are insufficient, with high costs and a burdensome outreach. Nomad’s AI-driven solution is highly adept and competitive, creating an all-in-one digital tool that does the marketing, lead generation, and sales for and from the client’s needs.

A closer look

Using AI-driven automation and lead discovery, the Agency offers tailor-made services in direct marketing. In turn, this will increase revenue and unlock unprecedented value.

Each offer incorporates Segmented Campaigns that consist of:

  • AI-led outreach for targeted and precise lead generation
  • Smart Sequences for hyper-personalised campaigns (users can automatically run the most relevant steps in the sequence based on the behaviour of their audience)
  • Multichannel outreach to widen audience reach and engagement
  • Automated lead delivery directly to the client’s inbox
  • A/B Testing leading to optimisation

…and connects you with like-minded individuals!

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In addition, the Agency supports the project and individuals by:

  1. Holding face-to-face meetings with the CEO, strengthening the relationship and having consistent communication.
  2. Hosting training workshops to learn and understand the technology and enter a collaborative work structure personalising tech to respond to the business needs.
  3. Monthly newsletter in line with their expertise in the art world, blockchain, and AI; conveying the latest thought leadership.

Our take

Nomad Digital Agency offers a brand new solution to a brand new world. Employing their AI saves time, and money, allowing everyone to work in the Arts without being dependent on the sector’s leaders.

While their AI solution is currently specialising in the Arts, the Agency is also working in related fields (e.g. interior design), and have more exciting project ideas coming up shortly.

Hopefully, with their work, the “starving artist” cliche will be a thing of the past 🙂

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