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Curationist is an online platform sharing artworks and cultural materials from Creative commons and the public domain, launched by the MHz Foundation.

The platform is not-for-profit aiming to create dialogue and cultural awareness. The items available online are copyright free featuring 4.4 million digital artworks and objects from partner institutions and museums. Furthermore, users can explore curated collections of items in themes under the collections segment with 60 collections.

The platform offers categories such as topic, form, material, time period and location.

Launch event

The platform is hosting a launch event webinar on December 7 2022: Reimagining art and culture through open knowledge: a webinar celebrating the launch of! The webinar will offer insights from the Curationist team ” including Local Contexts’ Jane Anderson, the Wikimedia Foundation’s Virginia Poundstone, and metadata specialist Sharon Mizota.” It opens a discussion on open-source metadata to the communities and tours the platform.

Our take

Curationist is a wonderful initiative offering opportunities to explore art and culture online unbound from copyright. The space offers to make connections and share voices.  The space is similar to initiatives such as Wikimedia, Europeana and more bringing culture to the public. In addition, if you are interested in curating content you can contact the team with information about you.

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