Decolonising Museum’s Websites: Event

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Decolonising Museum’s Websites is an online event by  ICOM UK  Student and Emerging Professional on 6 July 2022. The meeting will share Hsiao-Chiang’s experience and cases on Decolonising Museums Websites project with The Hunterian Museum. The talk focuses on technological aid, to promote inclusivity and accessibility for users, and the meaning of decolonising museums today.

Decolonisation in Museums

Decolonisation in Museums is a widely discussed topic within the GLAM community, promoting an ethical commitment for museums with colonial collections towards inclusivity. Such collections can be found in the world’s largest museums like the British Museum or the Louvre. Decolonising museums aim to build relationships and promote diversity within these holdings challenging the notion of neutrality. Heritage within nature is by no means neutral as it holds a varied collection of experiences.

Museums hold the responsibility to create an inclusive educational space where visitors feel safe, can share their experiences and identify with heritage’s story.

The strategies to achieve this are not one-size-fits-all, as each museum has to identify within their holdings and communities topics and work together. Many initiatives are underway with the help of technological means, notably, on digital collections and websites, with several projects using AI to achieve this. Broadly, these efforts focus on altering descriptions, and keywords, including personal stories and curated collections. Collaboration with concerned groups is a pivotal element in these processes allowing their voice and relation to the heritage to be part of the collection.

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