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EuroClio- European Association of History Educators, founded in 1992 and including 47 countries provides resources, events and capacity building for Educators in history and citizenship education.

The association researches the needs in teaching and learning history, heritage and citizenship, the research is a fundamental part of their activities. Their activities include advocacy for quality education and connecting educators in Europe and intergovernmental organisations. Their work features a design of educational resources with a diverse group of professionals. Furthermore, EuroClio offers courses on professional development through workshops, on-site learning and networking, as well as organising Annual Conference.

The educational resources offered sercve as excellent tools for heritage education, as history and citizenship are core elements of heritage. Some notable activities are:

Historiana: is a platform for virtual learning and mixed formats, hosting several activities and subjects as well as digital tools.

Past Times – Talking and Teaching History: is a podcast series for educators

Contested Histories: bridging contestations of public spaces’ historical markers, promoting social inclusivity and cohesion. There are multiple cases to examine as well as stories, such as Ncome and Blood River Monuments on Ncombe River in Nquthu-Dundee

Our take

EuroClio is an innovative organisation keeping up with the constant evolution of society, heritage and history. Their platform and activities greatly aid educators to advance in their field and offering quality materials to their students. History and heritage are fundamental courses in education from early childhood to adulthood, EuroClio makes efforts to assure these intricate topics are accessible and inclusive.

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