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Digital Sustainability is a free online event on 5 October 2023 by the ARA (Archives & Records Association UK and Ireland), after which will follow their Annual General Meeting. The online event will host Prof. Tom Jackson and Prof. Ian Hodgkinson, who will discuss  “Data Carbon Ladder”, a tool for assessment and redaction of CO2 footprint.

Digital technologies and data growth are contributing to climate change and environmental pollution. As a result of the focus on physical decarbonisation, digitalisation, including data generation and storage, has contributed significantly to global emissions. In the data industry, emissions are projected to exceed those of the automotive, aviation, and energy sectors combined.

As a result, the team has developed a free tool called “Data Carbon Ladder” that uses data to assess and reduce carbon footprints, helping businesses create more sustainable and efficient data projects. Providing organisations with a visual representation of their data carbon footprint, from data acquisition to analytics (e.g. AI). This ladder represents a sequential process for data engineers, data stewards, and/or data analysts to complete.

Our take

The growth of digital technologies and data contributes to climate change and environmental pollution. The “Data Carbon Ladder”, a tool for assessing and redacting CO2 footprints, will be discussed by Prof. Tom Jackson and Prof. Ian Hodgkinson. By providing a visual representation of data carbon footprints, from data acquisition to analytics, the tool helps businesses and organisations implement sustainable data projects.

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