Recapture the Fortress Cities Project

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Recapture the Fortress Cities, RFC, is an Interreg European Project whose goal is to enhance the coexistence of fortified cities and their neighbouring forts within urban regions through the sustainable revitalisation of heritage buildings.

Europe has multiple former fortified sites, built at different times and of great historical value. Often they are neglected, derelict, presented as historical monuments, or only partly utilised. Most consist of fragments with their maintenance requiring considerable financial investments and collaborations.

“Focuses of RFC:

  • An innovative approach by developing smart ways of utilisation of old fortresses.
  • Make their maintenance easier and include the fortresses into the life of the City through the development of sustainable strategies for the maintenance and exploitation of this heritage.
  • A new point of view for fortress structures, not only in a conservative way as protected heritage or environment.
  • An integrated approach for fortresses revitalisation.”

The project partners came up with action plans for their regions through workshops, cooperation, and good practice examples. Action Plans describe how lessons learned from interregional cooperation and exchanges of experiences will be exploited to improve regional policy instruments.

Moreover, the project offers an online database with Project good practices and Research.

Our take

The European landscape is filled with castles and fortresses from all historical periods, while this diversity attributes to the sense of belonging and historical continuity, their use and preservation are arduous tasks. RFC proposes innovative ways to address the issues of sustainability, environmental, financial and social. Their research and catalogue of good practices is a fantastic asset for heritage preservation not only in Europe but also internationally.

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