EcoHeritage: local community and Ecomuseums

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EcoHeritage is an Erasmus+ EU-funded program bringing together Ecomuseums for the protection of cultural and natural heritage targeting local communities. The project will create a collaborative network for the exchange of good practices.

  • Intellectual Output 1 – Ecomuseums, social museums and other practices of collaborative management of cultural heritage: a report.
  • Intellectual Output 2 – Ecomuseums Best Practices Manual.
  • Intellectual Output 3 – Participatory heritage management toolkit and OERs.
  • Intellectual Output 4 – Ecomuseums online network and web-based training app.

Within the scope of the project, EcoHeritage created a list of Ecomuseums in Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal that you can explore online.

Furthermore, you can read the Transnational Report

Case studies: here are some of our picks:

Toolkit: broken down into areas of interest, stages of the ecomuseum and target groups:

  • Digital Inventory,
  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • Integrated Marketing Communication,
  • Parish map
  • Ecomuseum planification
  • Heritage for sustainable local development
  • Heritage Education and Interpretation
  • Evaluation and Impacts Monitoring
  • Participatory Action and Research
  • Community Museography
  • Oral Memory Workshops
  • Questing

Our Take

EcoHeritage project is a valuable resource for Ecomuseums and local heritage management. The project offers tools to support Ecomuseums at all stages and for a variety of target groups applicable to the diverse scene of rural and local communities. The online network facilitates pan-European participatory management featuring good practices and collaboration. We highly recommend exploring the project’s outputs and keeping them in your toolkit.

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Learning HUB

Online Network 

Oral Memory Toolkit 

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