GLAMers: Digital transformation through youth participation

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“Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in GLAMs during the pandemic” by The GLAMers EU-funded project, hosted an interactive webinar series and workshop on digital youth engagement during the pandemic through case studies and hands-on experience of experts. (Brief reminder GLAM: galleries, libraries, archives and museums)

The recoding webinar is accessible online and focuses on youth and provides information: on how to start digital initiatives, on platforms and their use, development of tactile activities for young learners and families from home,  “make, share, and show” techniques to reduce isolation and highlight the creativity of the crowd”. (scroll down for links)

The project aims to utilise the increase in digital engagement and civic participation brought by COVID-19 into the cultural sector with the co-creation of initiatives with young audiences. GLAMers will collect good practices, advice and training, map social changes and assess digitally-enhanced activities involving youth.

The project outputs:

Our take

Embracing digital technologies, whether through collection digitisation or digital engagement and activities, is a must for all cultural institutions in the post-covid World. This change is not as simple as it calls for a fresh attitude in the management and internal structures of heritage institutions. GLAMers provides a valuable resource to understand the needs of young audiences, from a communication standpoint, find and learn how to use tools for digital content and activities, as well as get advice and training.

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GLAMers Stduy, infographics and program


Youth audience engagement during COVID: digital ideas and methods from The GLAMers

Europeana-Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in GLAMs during the pandemic

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