Guidelines on education and public engagement in museums by NEMO

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Guidelines on education and public engagement in museums by NEMO Working Group LEM – the Learning Museum stresses education and public engagement as fundamental responsibilities for museums today. The group developed a set of guidelines to assist the international museum community in devising and reviewing education and public engagement activities.

In these guidelines, the methods for creating successful public engagement and education activities are illustrated, as well as how such activities can be integrated into a diverse and ever-changing society. As well as describing key factors for success from a contemporary perspective, emphasises the close relationship between museums and their audiences. All museums can adopt the guidelines step-by-step while still generating positive results for the audience and museum.

Within the report you will find:

  • Contemporary strategies to engage the public in education
  • Hands-on tips and inspiring examples support museum staff when developing conceptual and practical activities
  • Five success factors: Audience Orientation, Object-related Focus, Multifaceted Methods, and Networking
  • Identifies existing concepts and encourages museum professionals and funding bodies to explore them
  • It can be used by museums when applying for funding.

Here are some of our picks of essential information within the report:

(as well as to give you an idea of the content formatting)

Our take

The report is another excellent document by NEMO offering precise information and framework in an easy-to-read format. The report is all-inclusive, with definitions, examples, and practices and covers all the aforementioned topics with precision and clarity. We recommend reading it and is a keeper for your toolkit!

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NEMO publishes guidelines on education and public engagement in museums (Also attached)

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