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Heritage Research Hub is a platform for and on the heritage research community by the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage (JPI CH).


This collaborative platform allows you to create and share varied content for free. If you’d like to contribute to the hub’s growth? Share your work, organization or project. Create an account!


The Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH) was created in 2010 by an EU initiative.


  1. Improve the coordination of research on Cultural Heritage at the EU level by identifying short and long-term needs and priorities.
  2. Concentrate and increase human, material and financial resources allocated to Cultural Heritage research at the at the European level.
  3. Promote joint and multidisciplinary approaches to Cultural Heritage research and improve knowledge.
  4. Increase awareness of citizens, policymakers, and stakeholders.
  5. Build a European Research Area (ERA) to Cultural Heritage Research and bring it to the international level.”

Our Take

Heritage Research Hub is an outstanding initiative bringing together cultural heritage actors from all over Europe. The platform offers a multitude of valuable resources, and the ability to connect and share, as well as find funding, projects on all types of heritage! A must-have for professionals!

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