How to Heritage: Local Approach anniversary collection book

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Local Approach turns one year old this week! We are super excited to have learned and shared this past year with you!

To thank you all for your support and celebrate our first anniversary, we created a book with all our posts. 

Dear Patrons,

How to Heritage 

Has all the articles we published during 2020-2021.  We created chapters that present all our pieces according to their subject and theme, as:

  • What is Heritage
  • Heritage 101
  • Tools and “What can I do?”
  • Technology for Heritage
  • Education
  • Participatory heritage management
  • Gaming and heritage

and more!

Effectively, creating a How-to heritage management guide.


Patrons have exclusive access to the book until fall 2021.

The publication comes in digital (interactive) and print formatting:

  • Digital has links to all the resources of I want to learn more
  • The print has QR codes to articles’ links

We designed and “self-publish” this book. IF you have any issues with your copy we are happy to change it!

WHERE do I get it?

All Tiers’

You can always download your digital copy from the attachment on this post. There are two versions:

  1. How to Heritage-Digital Spread, ( 2-facing pages view, [intended presentation and design])
  2. How to Heritage-Digital Single page, [ Single page view, [easier read, F*orget graphic design])

Tier-Support our work!

For a print version: send us a message with a request and your address.  We will print and ship it to you at cost. (€49,25+shipping. We will discuss payment in private as it varies according to your location)

Tier-Save the Day

You are entitled to a free print version of the book! 

To claim it: message us on Patreon! (We did not automate the printing process as we like our trees in their original format-alive)

We hope you like How to Heritage! Please do send us your feedback, we worked hard to bring it to you and show you how much your support means to us!

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