HUB-IN, a sustainable way to protect historic urban areas

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HUB-IN, Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is an EU funded project focusing on preserving and transforming historic urban areas (HUA) through innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Watch HUB-IN: Hubs of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the transformation of Historic Urban Areas 2-minute video about the project.

The project considers socioeconomic needs and protects parts or the entirety of a city with intact authenticity and integrity of architectural, historic and monumental value. Building sustainable business and financing models with the local community for the conservation of cultural heritage. Starting with 8 pilot cities the project studied 40 cases from 17 European countries.


HUB-IN has produced several interesting and useful publications you can read in Library as HUB-IN “Current Landscapes” Report

HUB-IN Geo Tool is an interactive resources tool, based on the project’s case studies, to explore historic urban areas, its’ first draft is available here. Cities include:




Grand Angouleme



Slovenska Bistrica


In February 2022, HUB-IN Atlas will come to fruition where users can access good practices and insights into “fields of governance, finance and social innovation.”

Our take

HUB-IN not only plays an active role in preserving historic areas but, also, develops and offers tools to local communities to take an active role in the protection of cultural heritage. Their publications offer insights into entrepreneurship and financial sustainability making benchmark models available to everyone.

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HUB-IN Geo Tool

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