ICCROM-Digital Storytelling Workshop

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Digital Storytelling Workshop by ICCROM will be a 4-day online workshop from 9-12 January 2023. The workshop will provide tools and methods for digital storytelling, narration and compelling story writing, different audience engagement as well as digital content archiving. Applications to participate are open until 11 December 2022.

The workshop is within the programme Sustaining Digital Heritage aiming to promote strategies and tools to preserve and use creatively digital heritage while enhancing the potential of storytelling.

Heritage inherently shares stories about the past that inform and define our identities navigating our future. Storytelling is a powerful tool to convey heritage values and reach a diverse group of audiences. Within this context, digital technologies offer a wide array of tools such as AR and VR, 3D models and AI. With the creative use of these tools, heritage professionals can share impactful stories about heritage both tangible and intangible while reaching far wider audiences than the conventional methods.

Our take

The Digital Storytelling Workshop offered by ICCROM is an amazing opportunity for professionals to expand their skillset and creatively promote heritage. Storytelling is a powerful communication tool, especially in this field that can have a great impact on the promotion and also preservation. Digital capacity is one of the most needed skills in heritage management. If you are a heritage professional we recommend you participate!

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Call for applications – Digital Storytelling Workshop 

Sustaining Digital Heritage

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