Immersive Storytelling: a project to follow

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Immersive Storytelling is a digital narrative experience for visitors of western Balkan archaeological sites.  The project is in development since 2019 and is a cooperative project of 5 countries answering the regional need for improved communication and use of technology for the cultural heritage audience. The project aims to create AR and VR visits on the site framing the sites’ in a narrative that enhances the learning and ludic experience, using the latest innovations in digital technologies.

The western Balkan region is rich with numerous archaeological sites, specially Greek and Roman; the host countries often lack the infrastructure or a visitor-centric approach that cultural communication and promotion demands. Moreover, the cultural tourism distribution is not equal within the region, extending a divide between archaeological sites that are part of the same (hi)story in services, experiences, tourism and funding.

When visiting sites, we have a connection to the past and ought to have unified access and experience among all the related places. This thinking is encouraged in Europe with multiple initiatives as the European Heritage Label.


Project Coordinator: Association Centre for Social Innovations Blink 42-21 (North Macedonia)


– National Institution for Management of the Archaeological Site of Stobi-Gradsko (North Macedonia)

– Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade (Serbia)

– Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

– Balkan Heritage Foundation (Bulgaria)

– Navipro d.o.o. (Slovenia)

– Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

The project is working with the archaeological sites of Stobi, North Macedonia, Viminacium, Serbia, and Emona, Slovenia. The idea is to enhance a visit to the site with a VR application, which transports the user to the past to explore the ancient city, theatre and more.

Our take

Interactive and narrative visits are the most effective way to transmit the values associated with heritage. Furthermore, immersive virtual experiences become more common and serve as a meaningful, engaging and fun way to present culture. 

Digital experiences are now a requirement for visitors. And serve as an encompassing tool to transmit information without altering the physical space, as with signage. We cannot wait to see the project’s progress and hope it inspires other places to follow in their footsteps.

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Immersive Storytelling Driven Cooperation for Cultural Heritage Dissemination in Western Balkans – a new platform for promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage using new technologies

The websites associated with the project are under maintenance at the moment [22/07/2021]

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