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“Keeping It Modern,” is an international Grant by the Getty Foundation that supports projects contributing to the conservation of modern architecture. Modern architecture encompasses structures like the iconic Sydney Opera House and several influential structures of the 20th century.

Since 2014 77 projects in 40 countries were supported, with the final awarded in 2020, the projects promote the protection and conservation of twentieth-century architecture. The technical reports are freely available through the Keeping It Modern Report Library.

Modern architectural heritage is at risk as innovative and cutting edge materials and practices were used to bring them to life, however, heritage professionals lack the data and research for their conservation.

The supported projects merit outstanding architectural significance and contribute to conservation. Through the grants management plans, maintenance and long term conservation are examined and made available. The projects and reports serve as benchmarks for similar initiatives around the world and expand heritage as we know it.

The Getty Art and Ideas podcast recently released the “Protecting Modernist Architecture for Generations to Come” podcast with Antoine Wilmering, senior program officer at the Getty Foundation, discussing the importance and ongoing impact of Keeping It Modern. You can listen to the podcast and learn more about the project and the effort to protect modern architecture. 

Our take

Heritage is not static but rather evolving in tangible and intangible ways. The needs and philosophy of society are captured through the architecture of the time.  Keeping it Modern sets the groundwork to take action and protect modern heritage but also to look with a fresh perspective what is the meaning of heritage. 

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