Local Approach and European Lead by Nature Network

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Local Approach is a partner of the European Lead by Nature Network! The network just launched and aims at learning and inspiration, creating activities for youth. The network has partners from a myriad of sectors that all work together on hybrid projects. The network has 20 partners from 13 countries!

The Network’s Values are:

  • Empowerment: guiding youth in their sustainable community transformation
  • Inclusion: youth equal access to quality learning and employment
  • Cooperation: between organisations on an EU and International scale and the network partners
  • Innovation: development of new learning methodologies for youth engagement and policymaking
  • Awareness: raising awareness on the multitude of European opportunities and providing access
  • Sustainability: promotion of environmental education, advocating for policies and partnerships

The network organises itself through the principles of Sociocracy 3.0, meaning that members share common values and everyone voice’s their opinion on decision-making, basing the results on best practices and impact.

YouthHUB on Discord


In order to achieve the aims and effectively engage youth, the network created a Discord channel and community. The channel is dedicated to people seeking to grow professionally and personally. There are accessible debates, weekly events, challenges and rainings on themes like Skills of the Future, Inclusion & Diversity, and Active Citizenship.

  • “Build an empowering environment for the continuous professional and personal growth of youth.
  • Engaging youth across Europe in weekly events and training sessions with debatable topics.
  • Empower connection and foster meaningful conversations between the youth of our communities.
  • Create together enjoyable activities like non-formal learning sessions, games, debates, podcasts, and more.”

Here are the highlights:

💭Welcome speeches and introductions

🧊Icebreaker activities

🗨Interactive discussions

🎵Live music and entertainment

🌐Networking opportunities”

I want to learn more:

European Lead by Nature Network

Join Discord: http://elnn.eu/YouthHUB 

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