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In this article we present Collections Trust’s event, their collection management standard and MIT – Museum Innovation Technology software by HIDONIX.

Choosing Collections software is a free webinar on 13 June 2023 for cultural operators seeking to learn more about the process and find software providers.

Collections Trust will not support a specific product but will offer advice on the requirements of choosing collections software and creating a virtual trade fair with Spectrum Partners listed below:

What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is the UK collection management standard, covering everything, from the day-to-day and other activities called procedures (there are 21). The text presents Information requirements, Primary procedures, Other procedures and Policies.

What is in a Spectrum procedure?

Each procedure has:

– A definition that tries to sum up the procedure in a single sentence.

– A fuller note on the scope of the procedure, which explains when to use it (and, at times, when to use a different procedure).

– The Spectrum standard. This is what you should aim to achieve, however, you do it. There are two parts to the standard:

  • Some policy questions you will need to consider.
  • The minimum requirements you should meet in your museum’s own written procedure. An example or two suggests why each is important.

– A suggested procedure (and it is only a suggestion) given in two formats:

  • A workflow diagram summarising the suggested way of doing things.
  • A text version, which includes the information requirements for the procedure (see below). Where needed, the text versions of suggested procedures also include guidance notes.”

Outside Spectrum: a Local Approach Recommendation

During our time at SITEM, we had the chance to meet with HIDONIX, who apply cutting-edge technologies such as AI and offer Prop e Location-Aware Tech or Next-gen art. They created MIT – Museum Innovation Technology, a museum management software with completely integrated collections, archives, exhibits, and visitor services. The system is customisable to your needs, modular, accessible in different formats (both online and offline), multilingual, frequently updated, and, as we can attest, easy to use.

MIT offers {all in one}:

Content Management System

  • Ticketing admission times
  • Memberships
  • Donations
  • E-commerce
  • Event
  • Marketing and communication across channels (blog
  • Analytics
  • Spatial Intelligence to manage visitor flow/security/health and safety.

Museum Visitor app (iOS and Android)

  • Interactive Maps with navigation within the collection
  • Inclusive multimedia content (with various ways to access it). From audio guides to AR, 3d models, metadata, sign language and accessibility features
  • Thematic tours, defined by the museum or the visitor
  • Virtual tours
  • Art at Home (art recognition system)
  • Games
  • E-commerce
  • Database accessible offline and online

Connection to hardware (MIT can be paired and managed)

  • Smart Frames
  • IoT Sensors
  • Digital Interactive Totem

Our take

The Collections Trust event is a valuable opportunity to improve your understanding of collections management, Spectrum and have the opportunity to meet software professionals, adhering to policy, that can help you innovate the way you manage all aspects of your museum. This a fantastic and needed initiative by Collections Trust; we hope they continue to offer such valuable support to GLAM professionals.

MIT – Museum Innovation Technology software by HIDONIX is an alternative we encountered and were offered a full presentation at SITEM. Thus we can say the software is very easy-to-use and adaptable. Allowing all aspects AKA professionals within the museum to: stay in touch, collaborate and plan new innovative activities for the visitors or the museums.

Local Approach is not proposing you choose one over the other, we wanted to share HIDONIX and Spectrum as options, Choosing Collections software event is an opportunity to present both at once!

I want to learn more:

Register: Choosing collections software

Introduction to Spectrum


MIT – Museum Innovation Technology



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