Malta Underwater Virtual Museum

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The Virtual Museum, Underwater cultural heritage made accessible to the non-diving public, is a virtual museum, also accessible through Google Arts & Culture, for Malta’s rich underwater heritage inaccessible to the public by the University of Malta, Department of Classics and Archaeology.

© The Virtual Museum, Malta Tourism Authority 

Most underwater sites are available to divers and often hard to reach for the most experienced among them (due to the site’s location and decompression). States ought to raise awareness of the existence of these sites and find ways to present them to the public. Malta’s virtual museum is a fantastic example of access to underwater treasures.

© The Virtual Museum, Malta Tourism Authority

The online platform uses 3D virtual reality and other media to present the sites and objects. The team had several diving expeditions, with high-quality cameras, lighting and equipment; and generated 3D models, with the data gathered (photogrammetry). Furthermore, the platform offers directives for divers, boats, operators and the legal framework.

© The Virtual Museum, Malta Tourism Authority

Our Take

The Virtual Museum is a benchmark for underwater archaeology and access to submerged sites. The team made all efforts to document and present the site to the broader public and serve as a resource for other projects. Moreover, the presentation shares all aspects from documentation to virtual exploration, while maintaining the sense of wonder underwater heritage naturally envelops itself.

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Making the Invisible Visible: Underwater Malta—A Virtual Museum for Submerged Cultural Heritage

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