Curated Reading List: March 2023

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Happy for the start of Spring?Hoping to see heritage blossoming as well? March had marvellous topics in art and heritage, here are our picks:

<3 How a local community helped us make incredible prehistoric discoveries 

Heritage Management

European Historic Houses and Airbnb team up to educate private owners on heritage tourism

£5.8 million project to deliver a more sustainable future for Open Access books

Engaging visitors with “Nature. And us?” at Stapferhaus

Covid-era booking systems may be putting off visitors to UK museums


Queer cataloguing in UK museums

Rethinking cataloguing – discussion 6

Decolonisation/Conflict/Looting/Illicit Trafficking/Repatriation

Vatican returns Parthenon sculptures to Greece in ‘historic event’

Cambodia celebrates return of ‘priceless’ stolen artifacts

More than 1000 artifacts in Metropolitan Museum of Art catalog linked to alleged looting and trafficking figures

In Burkina Faso and Mali, pilot scheme builds defences against illegal trafficking of cultural antiquities

Interesting Reads

‘From “wet painting” to NFTs: the art market is moving on faster and faster’

Women in Ancient Egypt

What might be London’s best museum that’s randomly dedicated to a Roman cult, completely free to enter and barely anyone knows about it


Mykonos property developers ‘put a hit out’ on Greek archaeologist


Exploring Historical Australian Expeditions with Time-Layered Cultural Maps

Watch online

Panel Recap: 3D Scanning for Cultural Heritage Preservation, Access and Revitalization

Recommended Reads: Measuring the Success of Your Volunteer Programme

Channel: Living History AI Enhanced

Listen online

Cultural Heritage Under Attack: Who Defines Heritage?


The ARCHE Foresight Workshop

Intersections of Art and Policy 

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