Mingei: Representation and Preservation of Heritage Crafts

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Heritage Crafts, tangible and intangible, were an integral part of human life for millennia; they fade, nowadays, as industry covers our needs. Mingei project seeks to preserve through digitisation and make accessible this cultural resource, with representations of heritage crafts based on digital assets and semantic annotations. Mingei started with three European pilot projects of glass, silk and mastic traditional craftsmanship. 

Our favourite action is immersive gaming at heritage sites, as a complementary tool to enhance the visitor experience.  The project is a collaboration between local stakeholders and experts of heritage and technology. Such as  Mark the process, digital experience.

© Mingei, Game prototypes, created by Imaginary, on the harvest of mastic. 

Furthermore, to formulate each project Mingei includes multidisciplinary expertise with partners such as: 

FORTH: research centre of computer science, offers expertise on design and interactive systems of cultural heritage representation.

ARMINES: focuses on motion capture of expert crafters and develop systems for dissemination. 

WAAG: integrate new technologies as a means of social change they work on assuring the stakeholders view to cultural heritage products. 

CNR: digital libraries and semantic technologies 

MIRALab: create interactive museum guides including AR, VR and Virtual Characters. 

imaginary: develop immersive game-based as mobile applications. 

HdS: museum and weaving textiles workshop including local weavers who demonstrate their crafts. 

CNAM: Musée des arts et métiers, Paris

Creative and digital solutions are a fantastic way to preserve crafts that could otherwise be lost to history as well as connect us to the past.  Local Approach would love to see more and more communities promoting their local crafts and finding innovative solutions to safeguard and share them with the world. 

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Immersive gaming at heritage sites

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