Webinar outcomes: Using Technology To Solve Art World Problems

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The latest topic of Articheck’s webinar series ArtEvolve titled “Using Technology To Solve Art World Problems” was very informative.


Kelani Nichole, Founder of Transfer, an experimental art gallery in LA, USA.

Brendan Ciecko, Founder of Cuseum, USA.

Here is a summary of the main points delivered:

Within the past decade, the culture and artworld industries technological aptitude and engagement have seen noticeable improvements yet seem to fall behind in adopting innovative practices. The majority of institutions today acknowledge the power of technology and maintain social media accounts and digital strategies as part of their essential operations. Nonetheless, there is room for advancement on the digital literacy of employees; as the current systems are often complicated and difficult to update and do not convert to new systems and technologies.  Many programs are currently launched on digital education for cultural workers. Innovation can also stem from the workers through their daily interactions with technology in their private lives applicable to the museum setting.

Furthermore, gathering and analysing data are truthful ways to measure the success of museums or galleries. Specifically,  set standards for metrics collection such as website visits, social media shares and views and formulate their activities accordingly. Moreover, metrics are an effective way for success measurement instead of the current revenue or return of investment, as they measure societal impact.

Another important point is the acknowledgement of digital spaces as new art world spaces. Whether online or in video games, people are sharing a virtual public space, where new artists can emerge.

Beyond technology, the industry needs to focus on its environmental impact and sustainability. Now in the United Kingdom museums need to include their carbon footprint in their annual reports. Moreover, it is worth considering the value for cultural organisations to analyse the meaning and of their carbon footprint specifically, such as climate control, and make efforts to decrease it. Not only as a means to enhance their social impact but also recognise the financial benefits of decreasing energy demands with more sustainable sources.

Besides, technology can be key in redefining the values and definitions of art and culture institutions as well as helping find solutions to complicated issues such as art recovery, extraction and colonisation.

During the discussion, experts refer to articles “Swizz Beatz to the Art World: Pay Your Artists Royalties When Their Work Is Resold” and “Metrics of Success in Art Museums” by Maxwell Anderson (also attached), for further reading.

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ArtEvolve is a weekly webinar series presented by Articheck.

It has never been more important for the art world to progress into the age of innovation. We believe we have a responsibility as art technology pioneers to help art organizations of all kinds make this transition successfully. The preservation of our cultural heritage and the future of art depend on it.

ArtEvolve was created to help art professionals around the world think about old practices in new ways, learn from inventive pathfinders, and feel inspired to innovate their corner of the art world.

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