OpenHeritage: strengthen economy and local culture with your heritage

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OpenHeritage initiative features a combination of best practices and inclusive management of heritage throughout Europe. The project reuses and places in the centre all kinds of heritage as a means of economic and social growth. 

Heritage sites and assets often are viewed as hard to manage and care for by government and local agencies, a growing belief since the global financial crisis. However, heritage assets are also full of economic potential for the local community. OpenHeritage promotes partnerships between local groups, businesses, NGOs and government to manage and benefit from their heritage. 

The project so far provides valuable insight on ongoing and completed projects, offers a platform for all stakeholders to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas and promotes new ideas in cultural management. 

Moreover, there are currently 6 “Heritage Labs” in Europe that collaborate to bring the project to fruition. All labs are situated outside the main tourist hubs as they aim at reusing heritage and strengthening communities who are not actively depended on tourism to learn, appreciate and use their heritage. Furthermore, the project improves upon policy-making and creates tools for more and more communities to join this practice. 

Local Approach follows closely the initiative and hopes to see more communities to form partnerships, be actively involved and benefit from their heritage. 

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OpenHeritage Glossary

Local Action Plans

Typology of current adaptive reuse policies

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