Proof of Visit: Digital souvenirs

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Proof of Visit uses augmented reality to be educational and fun while bringing the souvenir industry up to speed. As a fully digital souvenir or postcard, Proof of Visit offers low-cost digital assets; without risk, helps people discover which digital assets they own and possess.

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The benefits

There are many advantages to a digital souvenir, including its indestructibility and low cost.  As a tangible souvenir, you can keep it, put it on display or gift it!

A digital souvenir is verifiably 100% authentic. Moreover,  digital souvenirs advance and enhance as technology progresses! Besides privacy, high security, and transparency.

In an increasingly global economy, digital souvenirs provide businesses and cultural sites with opportunities. Proof of Visit can be dropped into any app, allowing them to function as an in-app advertisement for your business, location, or event, and create social media opportunities.

Our take

Proof of Visit is a beautiful service representative of the current digital shift globally as well in the culture sector. The idea is quite noble, and while it will not replace the actual souvenir industries it definitely enhances the possibilities post-visit. With technology advancing museums, events and cultural activities can create evolving souvenirs, which can then go in several directions for example quizzes, games, and educational workshops from home, only limited by imagination and technology advancements.

[IF YOU ARE A Local Approach READER odds are you like museums 😉 and perhaps you keep the brochures or tickets from the wonderful places you visit! At least until your next move, when and where you will lose the box. Proof of visit offers an alternative digital collection of these memories.]

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