RECHARGE: an incredible tool to participatory approaches!

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RECHARGE, Resilient European Cultural Heritage As Resource for Growth and Engagement, is an EU project to promote community participation in cultural heritage institutions across Europe as an economic driver.

“Recharge focuses on participation in all aspects: from financing through planning and management, to communications, public engagement, sustainability, and its future.”

With RECHARGE, cultural heritage institutions can diversify their funding in a replicable and sustainable participatory business model, to acquire the necessary tools for their future development, both digitally and physically.

Through cultural heritage Living Labs, RECHARGE engages new and existing communities, networks, and relationships with cultural heritage institutions in participatory management. Open to professionals and the public, the labs focus on ensuring the development of sustainable future business models by testing and developing innovative ways to harness resources, focused on creating and integrating value within each institution and sector.

The Hunt Living Lab 

Hunt Living Lab was established to bring together companies with corporate social responsibility budgets and programmes that are interested in creating products or services for the Hunt Museum. Living Labs will be used to co-create a project that relates to the Hunt Museum’s Climate and Sustainability theme for 2023. Corporations, Irish museums and local communities can co-create.

Prato Living Lab

For museums to become economically sustainable and to serve their communities, they need new participatory business models. Prato’s Textile Museum wants to investigate how e-commerce can be an ideal channel for marketing online goods and services both sustainably and participatory.

EMM Living Lab

The Estonian Maritime Museum’s Living Lab will test the idea that heritage sectors can partner up with tech communities in an innovative way.

Moreover, check the RECHARGE Playbook will contain methodology and practical tools and discuss online and offline facilitation methods as well as pedagogical methodologies that can be used by each Living Lab.

Our Take

We love RECHARGE! -as Local Approach may be evident. This project is truly innovative and produces actionable results to make museums, cultural heritage, and the community sustainable! The living labs and the playbook will be invaluable resources for Europe and the world to bring entrepreneurship and community in cultural management.

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