Routes to Return: a site for advice on heritage repatriation

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Routes to Return is a website connecting global networks, sharing information, and facilitating international repatriation. In addition, it aims to serve as a resource for European museums to learn from each other and compare their approaches to international repatriation before they begin their international repatriation efforts.

Within the past few years, the sector has shifted towards adopting more and more efforts, policies and actions towards the restitution and repatriation of heritage artefacts internationally.

The website is constantly transforming and growing along with the approaches for repatriation.

The site offers for nations and communities seeking to reclaim their heritage:

Understanding the European Museum Landscape, accessible via map or list with individual pages per country built according to their repatriation approach. Using this resource, you can determine which countries are open to repatriation, where it is meaningful to strike now, where to build relationships ahead of changes, and which nations aren’t yet ready to repatriate.

A resource for Museums wanting to return artefacts is underway; this section provides practical advice for museum professionals.

Amy Shakespeare, a Museum and Heritage Professional and PhD student in Cornwall, England,  started the website. Learn more about Amy and get in touch here.

Our Take

Routes to Return is a fantastic resource aiming to give professionals and the public alike all the information necessary to effectuate heritage repatriation.  We cannot wait to see more content and hope the site flourishes and reaches heritage professionals and concerned groups worldwide.

We can’t help being reminded of how Local Approach first started, with an aim to make heritage management accessible to local communities; for this, we commend Amy for her professional and personal commitment to taking individual action working Towards International Repatriation.

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Routes to Return

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