ICOM’s Sharing is caring and Ecomuseums and Climate Change

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Ecomuseums and Climate Change

Of particular interest is Sharing is Caring – “Ecomuseums and climate change” a 2022 publication by Borrelli, Nunzia; Davis, Peter; Dal Santo, Raul; presenting the results from the 2021 conference “Ecomuseums and Climate Action”; during this heritage experts, community activists, curators, politicians, and academics from several countries gathered and identified the ways ecomuseums and community museums enable transition, renewal, and sustainable development as well as their potential to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Communities all over the world are now dealing with serious environmental issues as a result of climate change, including increased risk of flooding, fires, and sea level rise, destruction of property and social infrastructure, loss of biodiversity, destruction of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and harm to economies. Rising global temperatures also contribute to these issues by increasing the likelihood of fires, floods, and sea level rise.

“How can these organisations best contribute to the debate about the climate crisis and promote local action?”

Encouragement of locals to understand the significance of their cultural, natural, and intangible heritage in making places unique and fostering a feeling of belonging, the need to preserve that heritage, and the ways in which heritage assets can help advance climate action are central to those efforts. Each individual local action, when put together, creates a global impact of tremendous magnitude.

Our take

ICOM’s initiative will prove immensely helpful to the global community, not only by facilitating access and exchange of information but also by giving the opportunity to professionals globally to strengthen their network by sharing their work. “Ecomuseums and climate change” is a fantastic example of a collection of good practices that respond to the ugly reality of climate change by offering a variety of solutions, while strengthening participatory heritage practices.

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