Smartify: use your phone at the museum for more than pictures.

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Smartify is a mobile application that enhances your museum visit. Scan an artwork or object and view its story, as well as enjoy audio-guides and maps. 

This app is a useful tool for both the audience and the museum. Museums have the opportunity to create detailed content on their collections without disrupting the exhibition space, allowing for curation to be more free and creative. Furthermore, having maps, audio-guides and information digitally is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution as an institution can cut down on printing millions of leaflets. Besides, with the mobile app museums can offer contents to cater specifically to people with disadvantages and adapt the exhibit to their needs. 

Smartify groups together cultural institutions, which facilitates information sharing between institutions and their visitors. Moreover there are several case studies on how they adapt their application to each specific collection. This application can be very beneficial, especially to small museums to enhance their collections and attract new visitors. 

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