Takeover Day: kids in charge of museums

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Kids in the Museum introduces “Takeover Day”, an event where kids and young people are in charge of jobs and adult-related tasks at institutions such as “museums, galleries, historic homes, archives, and heritage sites”. This year will take place on Friday, 17 November 2023, with the theme Let’s Play!

The event started in 2010 with incredible results, with more than 40,000 children and young people in attendance. “Over 5,000 people, from toddlers to 25-year-olds, now take part each year.”

The 2023 Kids in Museums Manifesto encourages museums to allow children and young people to play in their spaces. Play assists children in learning, engaging with collections, getting creative, supporting their well-being, and having fun.


What happens during Takeover Day?

  • “taken over museum jobs and become tour guides, curators, shop assistants, cleaners, welcome hosts, receptionists, press officers and even conservators
  • co-curated exhibitions and events, including late-night gigs, sleepovers or performances
  • delivered learning sessions for other groups of children
  • created merchandise for the shop
  • given their perspective and feedback on museum websites, events and interpretation
  • taken over the museum’s social media channels.”

Why get involved?

Organisations can attract new audiences and pilot innovative ways of work, especially with younger audiences. Not to mention, excellent communication opportunity!

Children and youth can learn new skills and discover what it’s like to work behind the scenes, inspiring participants’ confidence and giving them a sense of ownership over their local museum and heritage.

I want to take part!

Our Take

Takeover Day is an amazing and wholesome initiative where children and young people should be able to play in museum spaces to learn, be creative, be healthy, and have a good time! This approach boosts local heritage promotion, and communities become more confident and proud of their heritage while allowing heritage organisations to pilot new projects and create meaningful communication avenues.

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