The Ambulance for Monuments: local conservation and care

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Heritage organisations, experts, craftsmen and students come to the rescue of Monuments. Local communities and volunteers take action together to protect local historical monuments and sites in Romania since 2016 with the Ambulance for Monuments project.

How does it work?

Local communities are at the centre of the project by actively participating and making decisions. All members of the community have a part to play, by fundraising, raising awareness and local businesses donating materials and technical support or expertise.

Interventions and conservation are performed by Asociația Monumentum (the owner and developer of the project), Asociația pentru Patrimoniu Activ-PACT, and Asociația Vernacular and Asociația Arhaic. Moreover, each region has an intervention kit, including tools, materials and construction equipment, packed in a van.

The interventions range from repairing damages such as roofs or walls to securing the environmental impact to the monument as water, temperature and drainage.

Over 600 monuments across Romania have been cared for as the network continues to grow.

© Luncșoara, Orthodox Wooden Church 

The benefits

The project raises awareness about safeguarding heritage and sees great success and benefits heritage and local communities equally. Locals learn heritage conservation and practical skills, which opens new work opportunities and creates the local capacity to protect their monuments. During the Covid-19 crisis, many museums and sites are in danger as conservators and experts cannot travel to offer assistance, highlighting the need for local talent.

The project serves as a benchmark model of cooperation and funding between government, NGO’s and communities, with shared responsibility and goals.

The ambulances numbers grow daily and are a proven way for local, responsible heritage management.

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