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Rab Archeological (T)races is an open-air museum in Croatia, with 30 archaeological sites interconnected through educational trails of 40km. The project offers a unique and diverse visiting experience combing heritage, hiking and mountain biking.

There are 3 trails to explore over the areas of Kampor (Trail Capo Fronte), Lopar (Trails Epario & Frux) and Supetarska Draga (Trail Frux).  The Rab Archaeological (T)races mobile application accompanies visitors in navigating the island and offers several info points on the history, nature and culture. The app has guides, stories and legends, as well as educational games and extended reality. The app is available offline for a tranquil and informative visit through nature.

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Furthermore, Rab offers through the website contact information for local guides you can hire to learn more about local culture.

The history of Rab starts with Illyrians in 350 BC, followed by Romans 1st century BC, Venetians 15th century and offers fascinating stories of the island’s inhabitants and diverse heritage experiences of architecture, art, religion and history in a stunning natural landscape. Here is a list of the cultural sights you can visit in person or take one of their available virtual tours.

Our take

The project unifies several aspects of cultural and natural tourism, being a fantastic destination for families and friends and a benchmark cultural management project well deserving of 1st prize of Europa Nostra’s Walking tourism and slow travel- Synergies with cultural tourism. The sites and nature are part of the same narrative and their access is seamless with digital tools in place to guide and educate.  Their work can serve as a real example of how local sites can transform their heritage promotion and tourism working together!

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