Webinar: 3D reconstructions for story-telling and understanding

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3D reconstructions for storytelling and understanding is a webinar on 17 February 2022. The webinar is organised by Katie Fernie, who also organised the webinar Using AI to monitor historic towns and landscapes: #Connecting Archaeology if you read our article AI and Satellite imagery monitor cultural landscapes


Dissemination Methods for 3D Historical Virtual Environments

Discussing methods of informal digital literacy with case studies of remote virtual reconstructions.

Interactive storytelling in virtual worlds

Educators and Guides can use interactive virtual recreations 3D environments as an additional tool within the museum school environment.


Catherine Anne Cassidy, Open Virtual Worlds team, University of St Andrews, ‘Dissemination methods for 3D Historical Virtual Environments’

Daniel Pletinckx, Visual Dimension bvba, ‘Interactive Story Telling in Virtual Worlds

Update 17/02

The webinar was highly informative and gave several examples of 3Dreconstruction projects and their uses, hosted by Carare,” a non profit association that brings together agencies and organisations, research institutions, specialist digital archives and others with an interest in the archaeological and architectural heritage”. Below is a summary of the webinar, which we recommend you follow.

Dissemination Methods for 3D Historical Virtual Environments

Virtual reconstructions are visual representations of research, needing:

  • Academic Audit
  • Expert and local knowledge
  • Terrain survey
  • Modern capture
  • 3D artefacts, environmental effects etc.

Virtual reconstructions can take place at:

  • The Museum environment with immersive VR displays or joint exhibitions
  • Heritage sites and with walking virtual tours.
  • Home, through social media, offer online virtual tours.

Have a glimpse at openvirtualworlds website.

Interactive storytelling in virtual worlds

Visual dimension: building worlds of 3d reconstructed cultural heritage and integrating intangible heritage for storytelling and gamification.

Working with real-time VR, contactless interaction, historical sites, monuments, digitisation to create an interactive virtual reality. The approach is multidisciplinary 3D reconstruction and scientific methodology to create virtual tours and interactive storytelling through object interaction.

Find out more at 4CH Project

I want to learn more:

The video recording on CARARE’s Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/678728267

The slides on CARARE’s Slideshare channel: https://www.slideshare.net/CARARE/3d-reconstructions-for-story-telling-and-understanding

3D reconstructions for story-telling and understanding

3D reconstructions for story-telling and understanding Europeana 

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