Curated Reading List: February 2022

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February came and went, and 2022 is moving faster than expected, at least for us! Here are our picks for the month from the art and heritage world? Which one was your favourite?

DaVinciFace is a software, based on the Deep Learning, to generate DaVinci’s style portraits from any photo of a human face

Traditional Cycladic shipbuilding to be digitally preserved

Why do stories matter to museums and how can museums become better storytellers?

The British Museum demeans itself by selling its works as NFTs—and will probably live to regret it

New research says UK touring exhibitions need better museum ‘matchmaking’

Louvre teams up with Sotheby’s to investigate provenance of works bought during the Second World War

National Portrait Gallery partners with Ancestry to create ‘Nation’s Family Album’

Eternal return: Italian museums to sell digital copies of masterpieces by Leonardo, Caravaggio and Modigliani

Event British Council Jordan – Arts in the Digital Age Online Forum

Storm Eunice damages UK heritage sites and forces museums and galleries to close

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