Where will you celebrate International Museum Day? Check with ICOM’S interactive map

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ICOM launched an on-line map to host events for May 18 the International Museum Day, where you can find events around you or post your events here!

On this day museums get a chance to host a variety of events, exhibitions, concerts, guided tours, have extended opening hours and many more ways to connect with the public. In comparison to other international days, these cultural happenings are free, memorable and often educational.

International Museum Day is a month away and sure in COVID-19 time it sounds is like next year, but we are mid April 2021 already, so get going! Create a memory!

I want to learn more:

The International Museum Day 2021 interactive map is online! 

Post  International Museum Day event 

PS: “just shower thoughts” The most important event of all on May 18th is my birthday, of course, could someone argue I was born for heritage/museum management? Perhaps. 

Besides the point of me being museum lord and savior and in all seriousness, once on my birthday a local museum had a huge outdoor concert of classical music open to all, the streets flooded with music the exhibition spaces were free and open at night, which was a wonderful experience I doubt I’ll soon forget, so don’t miss out because of COVID. 

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