Your Next Podcast Binge: Peopling the Past

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Peopling the past is a fantastic podcast “about real people in the ancient world”.  The ambience is light-hearted but highly informative, following a free-form presentation. Experts in the humanities, classics, share their knowledge that truly captures our ancestors’ lives.

The podcast is free, fun and accessible, offering content you usually do not experience in the museum.

 Cultural heritage management today pivots towards storytelling and creating an experience for the visitor.  These practices are about creating a meaningful connection to the past.  Unfortunately, many museums still opt for the standard plinth and glass case display, assuming, perhaps, their collections’ significance is enough for visitors. Peopling the past encapsulates the fascinating parts of the field.

There are 3 seasons of 12 episodes each, here are some of our favourite topics:

Podcast Season 2, Episode 7 – Practical Magic: Ancient Roman Smells and Spells with Britta Ager

Podcast #12: Thrown Together: Potters, Painters, and Ceramic Production with Sanchita Balachandran

Podcast #8: Extreme Home Makeover, Ancient Greece Edition: Bronze Age Houses with Rebecca Worsham

Peopling the Past Podcast, Episode #4: Athenashville: Parallel Parthenons with Katie Petrole

Moreover, Peopling the past offers Videos, a Blog and resources, featuring  Teaching Tools, other blogs and podcasts along the same lines.

Our take

We love it.-

The topics are interesting, in simple language, accessible format, with the guests and presenters sharing their excitement about the field. In addition, Peopling the past answers a true necessity in the sphere of humanities for better storytelling, open and easy access!

I want to learn more: 


or jump right in with Peopling the Past Podcast, Episode #1: Introductions with Dr. Carolyn M. Laferrière and Dr. Chelsea A.M. Gardner 




My take

PS:1 As a person who has, more than once, searched topics like if bread or pancakes came first, I had to learn about Bread-Making and Roman Bakeries. “What is bread Jared? What even is bread?”

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