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EU-LAC-MUSEUMS is a research project on small museums and their communities from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to map their practices and help preserve their tangible and intangible heritage.  The project offers local and community museums practical information and tools on sustainability, communication and storytelling, technology, inclusion, education.

Small museums often lack the resources to keep up in comparison to larger institutions especially, on financial and environmental sustainability, adapting to digital and technological demands that affect their relationship with visitors and their community engagement.

EU-LAC-MUSEUMS provides a collaborative space for small museums to share their local stories and heritage and learn the best practices available for them through a variety of resources. Notably, the project has webinars, virtual tours and a web portal that collects data as :

  • “Iconic objects identified as representing each community (community icons)
  • Legends and folk tales
  • Family albums
  • Testimonials (life cycles, identity values, etc.)
  • Migratory movements
  • Social development and archaeological community landmarks
  • Community and sustainable museums: paradigmatic examples”

Furthermore, several guiding documents are available on their website, here are our must-read recommendations:

Strategic Planning and Comprehensive Management Model of Cultural Heritage. Implementation in Territory Museums [EN]

Manual on creating 3D objects for community museum use

Practical guide “On Community and Sustainable Museums” containing

Bibliography on Ecomuseums, Community-Based Museology, Heritage Management & Sustainable Tourism

Our take

EU-LAC-MUSEUMS is truly an exemplary initiative. Local museums safeguard the stories and heritage that establish the identity of individuals and their communities.  The project creates an international support system that preserves heritage and offers much-needed resources.

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