Built with Bits 2, Brussels: Creating Virtual Spaces

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Built with Bits 2, Brussels, is a European program helping the creation of virtual spaces to address social, cultural and educational topics.  The project identifies local heritage concerns, working with the students of LUCA School of Arts to create virtual spaces with digital heritage in a joint effort to learn virtual space creation and connect cities to Brussels.

The second edition invites you to propose actions which address problems in your city, after which a selection of suitable proposals will match with students of LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Following is a weeklong course on virtual space creation using Europeana’s repository. This leads to creating a virtual space about your city’s issue, where you can suggest actions to visitors and demonstrate how Brussels addresses similar issues, essentially having a virtual twin city.

Submit your proposal before 11 July 2022 here.

Our take

The project directly addresses local heritage and builds digital capacity for stakeholders. At the same time creates a network of professionals working together on art, culture, design and education. A key element brought by this project is the underlying of cultural heritage’s core value, connecting with one identity a diverse group of people. The building of virtual spaces connected to Brussels demonstrates to the public how diverse cultural heritage and cities face similar issues and, on the surface, there might not be historical connections societal connections exist having a cross-border collaboration to resolve them. We recommend submitting a proposal to Built with Bits 2 and help expand digital heritage.

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