CC Community-Driven Heritage Initiatives: a project to follow

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CC Community-Driven Heritage Initiatives Working Group is a 2022 project by the Creative Commons to identify how these initiatives to benefit CC and the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums). To this end, the working group launched a survey for digital projects and tools to create a best practice and common problems report from the collected data published on the CC platform and host a webinar.

They offer the following definition:

“Community-driven heritage initiatives are defined as collective projects where community members meaningfully contribute to a heritage-related common cause which promotes the interests of the community and/or the greater public.”

If you are working on a similar project, you can take the survey here (English) or in other languages(Arabic, Español, Francais, Fulani/Pulaar, Greek, Magyar, Persian, or Polskis).

(Local Approach will update the article once the report is available)

Our take

Creative Commons has launched several projects supporting GLAMs and cultural heritage, adding it as a point to their annual summit. This initiative will bring to light worldwide participatory heritage practices in the digital domain, which will give incentive to communities to create, protect and promote their heritage with access to digital tools and best practices. Moreover, the working group will bring global visibility to community heritage projects cementing participatory heritage management as a practice. Local Approach, at our core, advocates for community-driven heritage and cannot wait for the report’s release.

I want to learn more:

Can you share a digital heritage project (or tool) that involves community members?

CC Community-Driven Heritage Initiatives Working Group

Creative Commons

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