ICCROM webinar Heritage Building Information Modeling

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Heritage Building Information Modeling webinar hosted by ICCROM on 23 June 2022 aims to popularise the use of Building Information Modeling for conservation in historic and heritage buildings. The webinar offers a panel of international experts conveying a holistic view of the practices implemented worldwide.

Heritage Building Information Modeling is the adaptation of Building Information Modeling used in architecture for heritage management and conservation. Building Information Modeling (BIM) improves the design and construction of buildings through the creation of a 3D model holding various data and information. The model is not stagnant and develops along with the project offering insights into computational design, energy analysis, environmental impact analysis, light and daylight analysis, material costs, ER and AR and more. BIM provides a visual presentation of physical buildings while sharing information with collaborators thus speeding up the decision-making process and design.

Heritage BIM (HBIM) is gaining more and more ground in recent years with applications in the restoration and reuse of buildings. Historic and heritage buildings comprise a variety of structures and designs, each representing vallues and the societal needs at the time. Their conservation is an intricate process with plenty of considerations, which do not apply to contemporary building design and materials. The global efforts for sustainable and green heritage further make the case for HBIM when retrofitting a building.

BIM utilises the results of laser scanning and photogrammetry of heritage buildings producing engineering drawings, 3D models and automated documentation.

Our Take

HBIM is an extremely useful practice for heritage conservation its use, however is limited in the global spectrum. ICCROM’s webinar will introduce more heritage managers into the practice and hopefully inspire HBIM use in future projects.

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