Curated Reading List: January 2022

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Can you believe it is 2022 already? Times have been harsh since 2020, especially for heritage, but this left room for plenty of innovation during 2021, and we hope it shall continue in the coming year. Here are our picks for January’s curated reading list:

How Native Artisans in Alaska Bring Innovation and Humor to Their Craft

Wikitrivia is a web game that challenges your knowledge of historical dates

8 tech innovations becoming standard in museums and heritage sites

Obscenely detailed scan lets you peer at Rembrandt’s Night Watch masterpiece online

Knowledge Exchange Enhances Ecological Restoration Initiatives

Art is now accepted as a financial asset, but it is still a questionable investment

New Funding Will Help Highlight Five Black History Sites in the American South

US museums revise Covid-19 safety measures amid Omicron surge, some requiring high-quality masks

Natural History Museum digitises five millionth specimen

Ancient Insect Genitals Found in 50-Million-Year-Old Fossil


Imaginative Ecologies Inspiring Change through the Humanities 

Habitat Vernacular Architecture for a Changing Planet


The People Behind Big Ben: Cumbria Clock Company


Resignificación del patrimonio escultórico en espacios públicos: desafíos para su preservación

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