Curated Reading List: June 2023

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Summer is here! We are excited to share our Partnership with the European Lead By Nature Network! June brought several interesting resources in heritage management as well as several opportunities! Here is our selection:

Heritage Management

Creating Sustainable Environments | Good Practice for Environmental Conditions for Storage and Display in the UK

Small Museums Guide to Successful Fundraising Campaigns

A call to EU Member States for a pan-European collection of 3D-digitised heritage assets

Participate in the revision of ICOM’s Code of Ethics for Museums!


Victoria and Albert Museum’s ambitious east London storehouse is finally complete

‘Liquid gypsum’ burial from Roman Britain scanned in 3D, revealing 1,700-year-old secrets


Museums and police in Europe join forces to fight illicit trade in artefacts

Sudan officials fear for historical artefacts threatened by fighting

King Charles’s ethical dilemma over looted objects in the Royal Collection

Germany’s return of sacred Kogi masks to Colombia may have health risks

Interesting Reads

Ten Ancient Stories and the Geological Events That May Have Inspired Them


CHARTER: Mid-term results – Matrix and methodology assessment


Museum Ideas 2023 International Conference – 12 October, London

Let us know which topic sparked your interest?


Mindsets + Missions for Museums and Science Centres of the Future

Politecnico di Milano: PhD in Urban Planning, Design, and Policy

Heritage in Education Policy Development Officer

Trainee Archaeologist

Call for applications – Exchange Programme: Second phase Germany-Zambia – ICOM

Accounting Assistant – ICCROM

Internship – New Professionals in Digital Cultural Heritage

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