Webinar: Digital heritage leadership briefing: artificial intelligence (AI)

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Digital Heritage leadership briefing: artificial intelligence (AI) is a free online event by the Heritage Fund, taking place on 16 November 2023. The event marks the launch of the new resource, sharing the same name, written by Dr Mathilde Pavis.

The webinar will offer more in-depth knowledge of AI and its functions within heritage institutions and an overview of AI use within the UK. Moreover, you can learn the resources needed for effective and safe AI use and start new projects and collaborations!

The webinar will host Dr Pavis who will offer descriptions on:

  • What is AI and How does the UK heritage sector use it?
  • AI’s potential for supporting heritage organizations
  • How to mitigate the risks of using AI for heritage management

The National Heritage Fund offers several resources and activities on digital capacity building, among these actions is the Culturehive-Digital Heritage Hub: “Digital Skills for Heritage (2020-2024)” raises digital skills and confidence across the heritage sector in the UK. Resources produced as part of this initiative are freely shared on the Hub.

Dr Mathilde Pavis specialises in intellectual property law, ethics, and new technologies. In addition to her research and training experience, Dr Pavs advises governments, organisations, and businesses about the impacts of digital and AI technologies on sensitive data.

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Register Thu 16th November 2023 2:00 PM (GMT)

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