When Museums Meet Videogames

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We are Museums hosted a series of talks and collaborative workshops in the fall of 2022, discussing the intersection of museums and videogames “presented by the Villa Albertine and the French Embassy of the United States, in cooperation with the Smithsonian”. These events are available for viewing on YouTube.

Gamification is gaining a lot of ground in Museums and Heritage, however, the practices of digitisation of the cultural sector are not always compatible with the virtual environments, and at the same time game designers are not always faithful to the historical context. Gaming reaches the majority of audiences, forming opportunities for education. This web series bridges the two addressing the pitfalls and setting a new context for collaborations.

We are Museums is a community of practices fostering new ideas through research, resources and collaborative networks. About these sessions:

“We want to

  • Foster collaboration between museum and videogame studios
  • Provide a safe space for open conversation
  • Provide networking opportunities to a broad range of actors from the museum and videogames sectors
  • Unpack the structural barriers preventing museum and studio collaboration
  • Brainstorm solutions, using case studies and references”

SESSION 1: Exploring New Horizons: Videogames and Museums: Sets up what is a game, formats and interactions; and the benefits for museums and their audiences.

  • WORKSHOP 1: Mutual Learning Between Videogames Producers And Museums

SESSION 2: When Cultural Institutions Become Videogame Producers: Museums flourishing in video game production and their interaction with audiences, stressing the need for current exhibition practices to transform to accommodate audiences. The session features examples of museums producing video games.

  • WORKSHOP 2: Implementing an innovative project in a museum & Producing a videogame: Challenges & solutions

SESSION 3: Videogames – A Door to New and Diverse Audiences: Video games are a new social space creating new social habits with tools and technology.

  • WORKSHOP 3: Achieving Positive Social Impact Through Videogames

We are museums also produced a handbook with the incites and tips of participants you can download it here. (also attached)

Our take

The series is a fantastic introduction to the joining of the cultural and video games world, with a diverse and international group of experts presenting the session. The potential of video games in culture is not yet fully realised and this series presents a great starting point for edification and inspiration for new cultural gaming experiences. We highly recommend you follow the sessions if your interests are in culture and games!

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When Museums Meet Videogames

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